Our PhD student Kristiina Kurg has been an active member of the #unitartuscience Instagram community starting from December 2020. She enjoys creating short videos about her laboratory experiments and we are proud to show them here as well! Be sure to check out her Instagram at to see new behind the scenes looks at what she is currently working on and to check out her Youtube channel kristiina_ku where she uploads all her science and vlog-style videos!

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A small look back at Institute of Technology 20!

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We rest in July.. so see you in August!

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Our PhD student Kristiina visited North Estonia Regional hospital Blood Center for 2 months through her Laboratory medicine residency and created a short video showing the ins and outs of donating blood.

Are you a donor? If you have ever wanted to be a superhero, then maybe you should become one.

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How to measure something..immeasurable?
Why with ZetaView NTA of course! It’s a common tool in extracellular vesicle diagnostics and we are proud to show exactly it works right here.

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Sometimes I feel like I get to the lab just too early…
Do you know how to recognize getting to the lab too soon? When you see a full sunrise, that is when.

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Western Blot – a great tool to find new protein biomarkers!
It is common but oh so eloquent when you get really down to it.

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The video that started it all…be sure to check out the accompanying article as well!

How to diagnose cancer from biomarkers?
By looking at autoantibodies, extracellular vesicles and creating new diagnostic antibdoies yourself!

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